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From AI to Monitoring the Death Star: Our Content Highlights of 2018

One hundred and forty eight blog articles (and counting)'s been a busy 2018 for the Paessler team of bloggers! And being the geeks that we are, it's been a blast writing about topics that we love: networking and tech. Now — as is customary this time of year — we thought we'd take a moment to look back on 2018 on our blog.

10 Essential Apps That Make Your Sysadmin Life Easier

Over a year ago, we asked our very own Paessler admins which mobile apps they could not live without. So now we decided to expand this survey and give you a little overview on what your fellow sysadmins are using. To do this, we ventured into the depths of Reddit, and as we got a lot of feedback, here’s a roundup.

Quantum Computers: What They Can (and What They Can Not Do)

In my first article about quantum computers I explained the rudimentary principles. Now it gets a bit more concrete and practical. If you haven't read the first article yet, it would make sense to do so here before continuing.

Maker Monday: Multiway Switches and Home Assistant

In our newest Maker Monday, the man who is usually behind the camera, Patrick (our director and editor) shows us how he solved a problem he had in his own home with multiway switches. Basically: how to integrate switches with Home Assistant.

Webinar: All New Features in PRTG — Review 2018

Wow, 2018 was a amazing year for Paessler and PRTG. There were so many great updates focused on the best possible user experience and specific wishes of our customers.

IT Monitoring with an Open Source or a Commercial Solution? It's More Than a Question of Money.

Hardly any company can do without comprehensive IT monitoring. But when choosing the right solution, the question often arises whether an IT administrator should work with freeware or an open source option, or whether a commercial solution should be bought. Just to be clear: No IT company and almost no IT product can do completely without open source. We use it constantly and therefore we are not questioning the value of open source. But does monitoring with an open source solution make sense, is it as cost-effective as alleged, and as individually configurable as sometimes claimed? We get to the bottom of it.

All You Need to Know About PRTG Release 18.4.46

The closer we get to the end of the year, the faster time seems to fly. It feels like just the other day we were stumbling over pumpkins and being scared by our next-door children with "trick or treat", and now it's not even a month until Christmas!

Learn How to Monitor Healthcare IT with PRTG: Tutorial Videos

In a recent post we discussed how to monitor healthcare IT using the DICOM and HL7 sensors in PRTG Network Monitor. We then covered how to monitor entire healthcare workflows. Now, in this post, we share some tutorial videos that show you exactly how to set these healthcare IT sensors up in PRTG, and the information that they deliver to you.

The End of the Anonymous Hacker?

We recently gave an outlook on the impact Artificial Intelligence can have on our future. In addition, there are of course specific effects for each individual profession. And if you define illegal hacking as a profession, then there too. Because just like righteous programmers, hackers usually leave their very own mark in the programs and code they write. And surprise: AI can easily find clues that expose a hacker faster than they would like.

4 Ways to Shape the Future: Lessons from the Web Summit

From November 4th to 7th, five Paesslerists got their minds off daily business and attended the Web Summit in Lisbon. We came back inspired by the ideas presented there, and felt some of these thoughts would be just as exciting for our readers! So, here are the standout sessions we attended, which continue to make us think long after we returned to our desks.

How to Survive as a SysAdmin in the Era of DevOps

Following the evolution in Software Development, one has the feeling that the times of the typical sysadmin are over. I still remember the years when the daily routine of a sysadmin consisted of keeping a handful of servers running, checking the firmware status of switches regularly, and rolling out latest updates from time to time.

Showdown in Industry 4.0

According to a recent study, most large and small companies will opt for an IIoT platform in the next 5 years. This puts pressure on suppliers from the IT sector and heavyweights in industry to position themselves with a suitable solution. It is already feared that the topic of security might once again be forgotten in the IIoT context.

"Would You Rather?" - 9 Conundrums for IT Nerds and Tech Geeks

Here at Paessler, we have an age-old tradition on Friday afternoons of having a few beers together with our colleagues. And every now and then we end up playing a game of "Would Your Rather?"

Win PRTG Swag (and Maybe Even a Playstation 4 Pro)

Hey, we have some merchandise to give away!

The Internet of Insecure Things?

We are used to devices communicating with each other. Digital devices and assistants turn on the radio on command, we turn on our lights with our smartphone, and the printer orders new toner on its own. All this makes security solutions for data traffic in IoT all the more important.